Pre-K Co-op Bundle: 7 Families


Pre-K Co-op Bundle: 7 Families


Deciding on a curriculum coupled with lesson planning in a group can consume a large amount of time and energy!

LPL lesson plans are designed using excellent curricula and provide structure, flexibility, and convenience.  The co-op bundles allow new or established cooperatives to function with ease, saving parents massive amounts of precious time. These lesson plans afford all families participating in a co-op the ability to teach one or more subjects in their co-op setting, while simultaneously keeping everyone organized and on track when working at home.

The purchase of this bundle provides a license to distribute the following material to a co-op consisting of 7 families.

This bundle contains (click on each title for a detailed description):

          *Pre-K Phonics and Spelling Lesson Plans  

          *Pre-K Math Lesson Plans

         * Pre-K Recitation Lesson Plans

          *Pre-K Penmanship Book 

          *Pre-K Art Lesson Plans

          *Pre-K Science Lesson Plans

          *Pre-K Music Lesson Plans      

          *Pre-K through Fourth Grade Christian Literature List

          *Pre-K through Fourth Grade Literature Read-Aloud List

          *Templates to assist you in organizing and scheduling
            your school days and weeks. 

Only one representative from the co-op is needed to make the purchase. The buyer may distribute the co-op bundle zip file to the other co-op families.

*To purchase all the necessary books for pre-kindergarten in one stop, click here.

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