Art Games--warm & cool colors, artists, and painting games by Learning Games for Kids
Biblical Art--view biblical paintings online by Art and the Bible
Kid Zone--by The Metropolitan Museum of Art
NGAKids Art Zone--by National Gallery of Art
100+ Drawing Tutorial Videos--on You Tube by Doodle Draw Art


Bible Brain Busters--Bible trivia game by SuperBook
Bible Story Games for Kids--tons of Bible games by Pete's Power Point Station
Exodus Escapade--matching game by SuperBook
Jesus Story Book Bible Video--professional book reading on You Tube


Cooking Games--lots of fun kitchen and cooking games by Nourish Interactive
Spatulatta--kid's cooking website by Spatulatta


Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms--Word Frog by Mensa For Kids
English Language Games--a wide variety for pre-k through 3rd grade students by Turtle Diary
IXL Language Arts--2nd through 5th grade skills practice by IXL*
Parts of Speech Quest--for 4th & 5th graders by ABCYa*
Subject Verb Agreement--Verb Viper for 4th & 5th graders by ABCYa*
Traveling Pronouns--for 1st through 3rd graders by BBC*
Word Skills--games for prefixes, suffixes, spelling, word endings and more by Room Recess

Foreign Language

Babbel--free site to learn German, French, Spanish, and more
Digital Dialects--free site to learn German, French, Spanish, and much, much more
Spanish Games--sounds, numbers, calendar, food, and more games by BBC*
Spanish Vocabulary--read and listen to lots of Spanish vocabulary by BBC*
Spanish Word Bingo--for 1st through 5th graders by ABCYa*
Spanish Word Toss--for 2nd through 5th graders by ABCYa*

History & Geography

Ancient Egypt--videos for 6th through 12th graders by NeoK12
Ancient Greece--videos for 8th through 12th graders by NeoK12
Ancient Rome--videos for 8th through 12th graders by NeoK12
Countries and Capitals--Country Toad by Mensa For Kids
Countries of the World--photos & trivia from many countries around the world by National Geographic Kids*
Geography Games--games with the world's continents, countries, capitals, landscapes, and more by Sheppard Software
Geography Games--games about Mt. Everest, Grand Canyon, Africa, and more by National Geographic Kids*
Geography Lessons--videos and quizzes by NeoK12
Geography & Social Studies--videos for all grades by NeoK12
Map Puzzles--online, interactive U.S. and world puzzles by Owl & Mouse
Monthly Highlights--history facts for each month by The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids
Name That Founding Father--identify founding fathers based on history clues by Colonial Williamsbur
States--facts on each state by America's Library
States and Capitals--Capital Penguin by Mensa For Kids
Story of the World Video Links--tons of great history videos for The Story of the World (Volumes 1-4) 
The World--photos from around the world by Cultural Jam
The World--pictures and facts on countries around the world by Time For Kids
USA Capitals, States, & Landscapes--games by Sheppard Software
World War 1--videos and quizzes for 8th through 12th graders by NeoK12
World War 2--videos and quizzes for 8th through 12th graders by NeoK12


Alien Addition--addition game by Mensa for Kids
Demolition Division--division game by Mensa for Kids
Drag Race Division--practice division by Arcademic Skill Builders
Fraction Splat--game by Coolmath-Games
Hooda Math--tons of kindergarten through high school math games by Hooda Math
IXL Math--skills practice for pre-k through Algebra 2 by IXL*
Khan Academy--instructional math videos and practice for kindergarten through college by Khan Academy*
Math Games--addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, length, weight, number order, money, and more for pre-k through 2nd grade students by BBC*
Math is Fun--1st through 8th grade math games by Math is Fun
Math Videos & Lessons--watch and learn by NeoK12
Meteor Multiplication--multiplication game by Mensa for Kids
Minus Mission--subtraction game by Mensa for Kids
Money Counting Game--fun practice counting coins by Castle Park
Number Games--pages of games about money, times tables, fractions, addition, subtraction, counting, and much more by Coolmath-Games
Ratio Blaster--ratio game by Mensa for Kids
Room Recess--place value, rounding, time, and many more games by Room Recess
Space Shuttle Launch--addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division math problems by Play Kids Games
The Timernator--race the clock while practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division by Cool-Math Games
Turtle Diary--pre-k through 3rd grade math games by Turtle Diary


Classics for Kids--rhythm, note, and composition games by Classics for Kids
Music Games--matching instruments & musical note games by Learning Games for Kids
New York Philharmonic--lots of games, puzzles, and quizzes by the New York Philharmonic Kid Zone
Sphinx Kids--music match, instrument gallery, and rhythm games by Sphinx Kids
Kids Guitar Zone--free guitar lessons for kids


Literacy Games--letter sounds, alphabetical order, rhyming words, and more for pre-k through 4th grade students by BBC*
Monkey Match--upper & lowercase letter match, beginning sound match, and rhyme game by PBS Kids*
Rhyming Games--for elementary students by PBS Kids*


Short Stories Online--read beginning books to biographies online, and click on words to hear them by Turtle Diary
Starfall--beginning to early reading help by Starfall
Storyline Online--watch videos of people reading high-quality books by Storyline Online
Room Recess--games with context, author's purpose, comprehension, and more reading skills by Room Recess
Teach Your Monster to Read--series of interactive games to practice the first reading stages by The Usborne Foundation


Animal Cams--watch animals live by DWA
Animal Jam--learn facts about animals playing this game by National Geographic Kids*
Astronomy--find daily sun rise and set times, monthly sky events, and fascinating facts by The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids
Interstellar Trip Planner---see how long it would take to get to space using various modes of transportation by Planet Quest
Live Web Cams--watch animals live at Monterey Bay Aquarium
Make Me Genius--a wide range of science videos for 1st through 7th graders by Make Me Genius
NASA Games--for 1st through 5th graders by NASA
Science Games--plants, animals, force, electricity, light, sound, pitch, and more for pre-k through 1st grade students by BBC*
Science Videos, Lessons, & Games--physical science, human body, life science, & earth and space games by NeoK12
Tinker Ball--see how many ways you can get the ball to roll to the finish by Smithsonian
The Brain--trivia about the human brain by National Geographic Kids*
The Magic School Bus Games--games, quizzes, and printables by Scholastic*
Science Games--pages of games for young children by PBS Kids*
Virtual Zoo--watch animals live by Smithsonian National Zoological Park


Coconut Vowels--practice spelling with Mensa for Kids
Kids Spell--easy to difficult or created by you spelling games by Kids Spell
Pirate Spelling--for pre-k through 2nd grade students by BBC*
Spelling Games--for elementary students by PBS Kids*
Spelling Practice--with Dolch sight words for pre-k through 3rd graders by ABCYa*
Spelling with Vowels--Turtle Dash for 4th & 5th graders by ABCYa*


Barracuda--for the typist needing speed practice by Power Typing
Dance Mat Typing--learn to type levels 1-4 by BBC*
Keyboarding Zoo--for kindergarten through 2nd graders learning to type by ABCYa*
Typing Factory--level 1-8 typing practice by Learning Games for Kids
Typing Games--lots of free typing games by Free Typing Game
Typing Web--free typing instructions by Typing Web*


Comic Creator--write your own comic by Read Write Think
Get the Scoop--investigate and create your own news story by PBS kids*
Story Maker--follow steps to create a personalized story by RIF Reading Planet

*these websites are explicitly aligned with Common Core Standards