Kindergarten Curriculum

Below is a list of all LPL Kindergarten Curriculum that must be purchased in order to use our LPL lesson plans.  Please note that all items are linked to Amazon using Affiliate Links.


phonics & spelling




Saxon Math 1: Complete Kit by Nancy Larson, Can You Find Me?  Building Thinking Skills by Michael Baker

(To purchase LPL Kindergarten Math Lesson Plans, click here.)




Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney, Beginning Geography, How to Use a Map by Jo Ellen Moore, Beginning Geography, Land Forms and Bodies of Water by Jo Ellen Moore

(To purchase LPL Kindergarten Geography Lesson Plans, click here.)




Fun With Pets by Laurel Hicks

(To purchase LPL Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans, click here.)




Color the Classics Hymn Writers by Carmen Ziarkowski, Pfeiffer House Music (Kindergarten Music) by Stephen Oostdy

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More Mudpies to Magnets by E.A. Sherwood

(To purchase LPL Kindergarten Science Lesson Plans, click here.)



Making Amazing Art by Sandi Henry, Come Look With Me: Animals in Art by Gladys Blizzard

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Catechism for Boys and Girls  by Carey Publications

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