Pre-K Lesson Plan Bundle


Pre-K Lesson Plan Bundle

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All the lesson plans and tools needed to successfully teach your student for the entire 36-week year are right at your fingertips in this comprehensive LPL Pre-K Lesson Plan Bundle! Subject content is pre-organized and planned for you, matching carefully chosen classical curricula. Each lesson plan features the same user-friendly layout and components across all subject areas, allowing for easy teaching along the way!

You will be amazed by the volume of lesson plans and helpful tools you will receive with your LPL Pre-K Lesson Plan Bundle!
• The 36-week lesson plans included are:
o Pre-K Phonics and Spelling Lesson Plans
o Pre-K Math Lesson Plans
o Pre-K Recitation Lesson Plans
• Over 200 pages of penmanship practice in the LPL Pre-K Penmanship Book is an invaluable supplement to daily phonics and spelling lessons.
• 12-week lesson plans included are (these alternate each week for a total of 36 weeks):
o Pre-K Art Lesson Plans
o Pre-K Science Lesson Plans
o Pre-K Music Lesson Plans
• Two wonderful reading tools which suggest some beautifully crafted books and are also included:
o Pre-K through Fourth Grade Christian Literature List
o Pre-K through Fourth Grade Literature Read-Aloud

• Templates to assist you in organizing and scheduling your school days and weeks.

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At 20% off retail price, all your pre-k needs are met in this ideal Pre-K Lesson Plan Bundle!

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