Arts & Crafts for Kids--an alphabetical list (some correlate to The Story of the World history) by Wartgames
Biblical Art--view biblical paintings online by Art and the Bible
That Artist Woman--tons of great art projects with step-by-step instructions
Turtle Diary--arts and craft activities for young children by Turtle Diary


Jesus Story Book Bible Video--book reading on You Tube


Noun Worksheets--all types of nouns and other grammar topic worksheets

Foreign Language

Babbel--free site to learn German, French, Spanish, and more
Digital Dialects--free site to learn German, French, Spanish, and more


Gardening 101--read all about planting and gardening by Kids Valley Garden
Kids in the Garden--activities, designs, and planting instructions by Kids in the Garden

Home School Resources &  Articles

Books & Authors--find and level books by Scholastic*
Educational Activities--an alphabetical list of hundreds of topics by Wartgames
Gradebook & Record Keeping--free resource by FIVEJ's
Handwriting Worksheets, Paper, Tips, & Font--lots of printable worksheets by Donna Young
Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up--great stats on home educated students
HSLDA: Homeschooling Advocates--Home School Legal Defense Association
Kindergarten Readiness Test--see if your child is developmentally ready for kindergarten by School Sparks
Placement Tests for Homeschoolers--many links for curricula placement and competency tests and by I Am Homeschooling
Printable Paper--free graph paper, narrow & wide ruled paper...paper of all kinds by Printable Paper
Readability Test--free source to determine the grade level of a text by Readability Formulas
State Standards--find out your state's education standards by Education World
Super Teacher Worksheets--free worksheets for many levels of math, reading, writing, phonics, grammar, spelling, social studies, and more from Super Teacher Worksheets
Teacher Tube--find videos for many subjects and topics by Teacher Tube
Wonderopolis--discover a new "wonder" every day by Wonderopolis*
Worksheets for Young Children--printable kindergarten level worksheets for alphabet, math/number awareness, fine motor, themed, and more from School Sparks

History & Geography

American History: "Growth of a Nation"--an animated presentation showing the growth of the U.S. since the original thirteen states in 1789
African Countries Video--memorize the countries in Africa with this song on You Tube
Continents Video--memorize the continents with this song on You Tube
Drive Thru History--supplemental history videos for purchase your kids are sure to adore by Dave Stotts
European Countries Video--memorize the countries in Europe with this song on You Tube
Geography Activities--atlas scavenger hunt by Education Possible
History Resources--videos, links, and hands-on projects to explore history throughout the ages by BBC*
Mega Maps--print huge maps of the world or specific countries by Owl & Mouse
North & South American Countries Video--memorize the countries of the Americas with this song on You Tube
State Facts & Info--lots of information about each state in the U.S. by Sheppard Software
State Map Printouts--labeled and unlabeled state maps by Owl & Mouse
Story of the World Video Links--tons of great history videos correlating with The Story of the World (Vol. 1-4)
States Video--50 States Song on You Tube
States & Capitals Video--the Animaniacs famous song on You Tube


Book Finder--helps find books from different periods, authors, and topics by Simply Charlotte Mason
Books Should Be Free--hundreds of free, classic audio books online by Books Should Be Free
Little House of the Prairie Virtual Trip--watch videos and retrace Laura's steps by Simple Homeschool
What Should I Read Next?--designed to give you book suggestions by What Should I Read Next?


Blackline Masters--printable documents for math by Blackline Masters
Dads Worksheets--worksheets for many math concepts by Dads Worksheets
IXL Math--pre-k through Algebra 2 math skills practice by IXL*
Khan Academy--instructional math videos practice for kindergarten through college by Khan Academy*
Printable Pattern Blocks--free online
Print and Learn for Kids--print shapes, math facts, and charts by Print and Learn
Xtramath--free web program to help kids master basic math facts by XtraMath


Pandora--choose an artist and the site creates a station that plays that genre by Pandora
Piano Lessons--incremental online piano lessons by Hoffman Academy
Spotify--create a free account, find all your favorite songs, and listen by Spotify
The Ultimate List of Online Music Education Activities--tons of great music resource links by Cornerstone Confessions


D'Nealian Hand Writing Worksheets--make your own worksheets by Handwriting Worksheets
Handwriting Worksheet Maker--create D'Nealian, basic print, and cursive handwriting sheets by Handwriting Worksheets
Handwriting Worksheets--free, printable, D'Nealian style upper and lower case letters a-z by K12Reader
Printable Handwriting Sheets--make your own traditional or modern manuscript by A to Z Teacher Stuff*
Writing Wizard--free handwriting worksheets by ESL Writing Wizard


Reading Resource--a huge list of reading websites that teach letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and more by Reading Resource
Phonogram Sounds--listen to single and multi-letter phonogram sounds (slightly different than SWR) by All About Learning Press
Progressive Phonics--alphabet and beginner, intermediate & advanced phonics books to jump start reading by Progressive Phonics


Book Reviews--covering content, themes, and worldview of tween and teen books by Focus of the Family
Books Should Be Free--hundreds of free, classic audio books online by Books Should Be Free
Children's Literature (pre-1922)--free kindle e-books by Englewood Review of Books
Classic Books--free children's literature by Englewood Review of Books
Literature Downloads--100 free and legal sites to download literature by Just English
McGuffeys Eclectic Primer--plus over 44,000 other free e-books by Project Gutenberg
Reading Level of Books--type in the title of a book and find out its reading level by Book Adventure
Reading Comprehension Guide--information, strategies & worksheets to help your student master reading comprehension by K12Reader
Reading Comprehension Worksheets--for 1st through 10th grade by K12Reader
Short Stories Online--read beginning books to biographies, and click to hear the words by Turtle Diary
Starfall--beginning to early reading by Starfall
Storyline Online--watch videos of people reading good books by Storyline Online


Animal Cams--watch animals live by DWA
Earth Science Resources--great teaching helps for earth science by cK-12
Energy--watch how coal is converted to electricity by Energy & You
Interstellar Trip Planner---see how long it would take to get to space using various modes of transportation by Planet Quest
Live Web Cams--watch animals live at Monterey Bay Aquarium
Make Me Genius--science videos for 1st through 7th graders by Make Me Genius
Science Friday--lots of videos and cool facts about our planet, space, body & brain, biology, chemistry & physics, and more by Science Friday
Virtual Zoo--watch animals live by Smithsonian National Zoological Park


Kids Spell--create a custom spelling list by Kids Spell
Spelling City--type in your students spelling list and print out word searches or play games by Spelling City


Typing Web--get a free account for online typing instructions by Typing Web*

*these websites are explicitly aligned with Common Core Standards