The Importance of the Arts in Classical Education

Previously, a few of our veteran mothers from our "Q&A With Veteran Homeschool Mothers" blog series, shared their views on teaching the "extra subjects" in elementary school...subjects classically termed the "Arts" or "enrichment" courses such as art, photography, music, drama, and more. While all these women agreed on the importance of the Arts, we want to revive this topic of discussion and view it from a slightly different angle.  Trinitas Christian School posted a must read article titled, "The Place of the Arts in Classical Education,” by Gregory Wilbur.  Wilber presents an intriguing argument as to why teaching the arts goes beyond merely cultivating “well rounded students.”

You can also see what LauraSally, and Kelly (our veteran homeschooling moms!) had to say about studying enrichment courses if you missed their posts!