First "Day" of Co-op

Well ladies and gentlemen, with the click of one "publish" button, we are going to make you feel better about all of YOUR previous "first day of school" pictures (or lack there of).  While we have titled this post "First Day of Co-op", it was actually week 3...(sigh)  Clearly we didn't coordinate our children in matching outfits for this eventful photo.  We are also somewhat thankful you cannot readily see the bottom halves of our children's clothing, because 3/4 of them don't match the top half (and another student decided paint clothes were appropriate for school day).

You may be thinking, "this picture isn't so bad"!  But you should know it was the best of 10.  At some point, you just give up the shot and take the memory!  That's precisely what we did.  Our kids are clearly comfortable with one another in our 5th year together, and we are more than thankful to have such wonderful friendships with each other!  We hope you are enjoying your school year as much as we are :) ~meg