One of those days...

I was having a challenging homeschool day with my children when this airplane flew down from upstairs and landed on the floor.  "Please Grade" it said.  After unfolding the paper airplane, I noticed a sweet little note my daughter had written me, "Dear mom, I know you have had a rough year, I am sorry I have been rough to handle.  I will try to be better."

I felt terrible.  Yes, she had been difficult that day, but I had not responded with kindness.  The LORD used her tender little heart to reveal to me my ugly one, and after lots of hugs and apologies, we had resolved to have a better day!  I can't say I will never have another one of those days, but I can pray for God's help to be patient, kind, and tender hearted toward my children.  I'm thankful for all the ways God uses my CHILDREN to make ME more like HIM. ~meg