Starting Your Home School Journey

Dear Lesson Plan Ladies,

I am excited at the prospect of teaching my 2 year old at home when he reaches school age.  I came across your website and liked it.  Where should I start as I begin thinking about curricula choices and homeschool planning? 


Future Homeschool Mom



Dear Future Homeschool Mom,

Deciding to home educate your child is an exciting and serious decision.  We, as home educators, have a great responsibility to our children, and with that responsibility, comes a wonderful freedom.  Parents have the privilege of choice!  

Ask yourself these questions:  What philosophy best fits my child’s and my needs? Will that philosophy be ideal in assisting me to shape a growing mind?  Does it line up with our family’s values?  What classes should I teach in each grade?  What curricula aligns with my philosophy?  How do I plan our year?  Our week?  Our day?  These are essential questions to ask.   

Lesson Plan Ladies chose to classically educate our own children.  We believe in a rigorous, systematic, developmentally appropriate approach.  This philosophy may be a fit for you, as well.  Here is a link that gives LPL’s simplified answer to the question, “What is classical education?”. 

As part of your research, we also suggest reading The Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.  This resource offers a detailed description and specific road map for classical education.

For a more detailed synopsis of The Well Trained Mind, click here:

If you think classical education may be a fit for you and your family, there are other wonderful resources available, as well.  Please write back when you are ready for more recommendations, or simply visit LPL resource page again.  LPL are excited for you and your child as you begin planning this home schooling adventure! 


Lesson Plan Ladies